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Well good morning, haha its 12 am and we finally ended our day. We decided it was a good time to wake up early to start off seeing Grand Central Station and grabbing coffee (whats new….).  The morning rush of people was thrilling to watch and we franticly had to find trains we all fit on. Anyway, we went to GMHC for our initial 3rd day. We began filing patient information due to a relocation in the near future for GMHC and an easier work load on actual employees, hence why we’re their volunteering. Today, there was optional HIV testing to experience for us so some of us took advantage to see what others affected actually go through and we also served lunch again, another amazing experience. We were informed that there were 345 GMHC members that were served meals which is a high number for them and substantially larger than what we experienced on Tuesday. Following lunch, it was time for a grand sit-down conversation and workshop about the Trans Community. The workshop entailed how to identify, sexual/romantic orientation, and a variety of controversial trans topics with our new friend Cecelia.

After volunteering today, we started off the journey going to Big Gay Ice Cream (pic below) which was sosososo good and we must recommend for all to adventure there. Being in the neighborhood and down the street, we visited the Stone Wall (pic below) which is where riots began in 1969 for the LGBT community against police for human rights. We ended up getting lost and seeing a beautiful view of the Hudson River (pic below) and found our way back to the AIDS memorial (pics below) and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. Both were very astounding in the architecture (light pic below) and the known impact they have had on a many people affected. Since we were so close to Little Italy, China Town and Canal Street it was time to take a mozy on around, shop and explore. We ended for dinner in Little Italy at Lombardi’s Pizzeria, the United States first and finest. Of course we had to explore just a bit and find a small Italian cafe to finish our night with cannolis! We took the subway home and now are off to sleep in order to prepare for our last day at GMHC. Zzzzzzz.