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Last night, we received the information that in New York – snow makes the city a bit hectic but we’re used to it, duh! Sooooo, we planned for a relaxing and much needed snow day. We had the chance to sleep in and go for a sit down breakfast at the IHOP up the street, we ended up rolling ourselves home hahaha just kidding. We had more discussion of our previous day and all the informative and educational topics we were still processing. Then, of course to make it an official snow day we cuddled up and had the chance to sit in our commons room to watch the movie, United in anger : a history of ACT UP. After our conversation about it, we played a couple games like Heads Up and Pterodactyl. We debriefed for a bit and ventured out for food (shocker- thats the only reason we left the YMCA all day). We researched a restaurant before we left and upon arrival, they were closed. We searched for another place quickly and ended up finding this cutesy little Hispanic restaurant called Friolitos. Ugh SO good, we want to eat there again before we leave. But we planned out our last couple of days and it looks packed and fun!

Boom. Goodnight here’s some pics of our games and movie day. 🙂

IMG_6850 IMG_6853 IMG_6872 IMG_6873