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Hello blog readers!

Today after breakfast, we headed to Caoba farms, which is a new portion of the trip that has been added. Caoba Farms is a sustainable organic farm that grows food and several plants. Along with having many animals on site. We were split up into 3 separate groups along with different tasks to do. The first group helped fill 30 bags of compost for fertilizer, and the other two groups were assigned different farms to help dig the weeds out. We had a fabulous lunch there before walking to Antigua.

After volunteering in Caoba farms we headed to Antigua where we had an hour of free time shopping in the markets of Guatemala. There we bought hand made blankets, bracelets and other awesome souvenirs. Next, we all did the scavenger hunt in the food markets. The task was that each group was provided with a list of items to receive and other small tasks to accomplish. The point of this exercise was to have us communicate, and navigate the market by ourselves. With the food we got, we made dinner ourselves at the house which was nachos, guacamole, corn, and various unknown fruits which many were willing to try!

We’re settling in for the night getting to know each other more, reflecting on our experiences here so far, and stretching before our big, long service project day tomorrow. It still doesn’t seem like we’ve only been here 4 days. The people we’ve met and the moments we’ve had here seem like its been so much longer.

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