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Today marks our first day volunteering at GMHC. As per usual we had to stop for our morning cup of joe at a nearby cafe in Harlem. Our commute on the subway to GMHC was interesting this morning since it was our first weekday since we arrived on Saturday. The subways were packed with morning commuters like ourselves on their way to their schools or jobs. Once we arrived at GMHC we were welcomed with warm opening arms. We met with our coordinator Shelley where we then did our orientation with the college of Charleston South Carolina on the mission, history and services. Next, we took a tour with the director, David Pais who shared his own story and gave detailed descriptions of each department within GMHC. Today we had lunch at a Korean Food Mall filled with a variety of choice to choose from. We loved the bubble teas! When we arrived back at GMHC we were able to watch the documentary, Larry Kramer In Love and Anger. Following the film we discussed our thoughts, what was surprised us and what we learned from it. We then had a HIV 101 workshop with Rob who shared his own very personal story with us and allowed us to ask questions. He did this by delivering it in his own unique way of “spitting verses.” After discussion we were allowed to split off into smaller groups to continue to tour NYC. Starting off in central park we discovered a bridge that held an amazing view of the city and provided us with beautiful photo op. Secondly, we found our way to an ice skating rink in Brookfield place on the water with a view of the skyline. Realizing we were hungry we went on an adventure to find a Mac ‘N Cheese bar. After indulging ourselves in our beloved cheese we miss we stopped at Grand Central Station to scout out some dessert and admire the beautiful architecture. We ended our night with gourmet cupcakes from the station and returned back to the YMCA for a much needed night of rest.


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