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Goooood evening,

Today was a boat load of walking and funsies. After being up for so long the last two days (roughly 32 or so hours??), we were in desperate need of coffee so guess where we started the morning?! A cute little coffee shop up the block, of course! From there we went to the Brooklyn Bridge and had a photoshoot, (this entire day really consisted of photoshoots -everyone hated Erica). Since we were in Brooklyn, we figured we’d stop at a thrift store for something to do. Following that, we had our first experience at Shake Shack and did some shopping around Times Square and realized we needed more coffee. Some met at the Veselka restaurant (a sweet czech place- we are trying new thing and emerging ourselves in the culture) for dinner early while Savannah, Amber, and Erica took a taxi to Macy’s and got lost on the subway on their own because Alicia nor Rachael were in attendance. A small thrift store was down the street so of course we had to check it out where we all had some good finds. We ended the night in Times Square again.

IMG_6463 IMG_6558IMG_6568IMG_6526IMG_6537IMG_6562  IMG_6408