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The New Orleans group can proudly say we’ve safely made it halfway. We are in Missouri right now and we will be heading out around 8 in the morning to finish the drive. We started our journey from Oshkosh around 2 PM this afternoon. As we drove south the temperature went from 30’s to 50’s, and it has been amazing. Oh, and we get rain with lighting and thunder instead of snow! There was tons of construction, as always, but we still made excellent time even with stopping. We stayed safe on the journey down, only having to stop twice outside of getting food (which we got at Culver’s, of course). We ate on the go so we could still make it in good time. We are all incredibly excited to complete our journey on Saturday and start this amazing week of volunteering.

Sorry this post is so brief but it’s only day one of just driving. There’s plenty more to come so I hope you stick with us as we go!