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Our day was jammed packed! We got up and took the subway to Central Park and walked around for a little while. The scenery was beautiful and we had a nice time posing for pictures. We also saw the outside of the Museum of Natural History (Night at the Museum, museum) and got breakfast at a bakery nearby. It was super tasty.

Some of the activities at the GMHC included making Safe Sex kits, talking to the CEO of GMHC, and watching a film about Larry Kramer. The safe sex kits, called “Pussy Packs, are going to be handed out at the AIDS Walk in a few months. Many of us learned what dental dams and finger cots were and how they can help people to protect themselves during sexual encounters. Speaking with Kelsey Louie was a beneficial experience for the group as a whole, especially those who are social work majors. Kelsey shared his story of how he came to be CEO and how he uses goals to guide his life. The time spent watching the Larry Kramer film was hands down the most educational part of the day. The film showed very raw, intense footage of how devastating the AIDS epidemic truly was. It highlighted Larry Kramer and gave a real look into how he used his voice and acted up to start the war on AIDS. Larry Kramer in Love and Anger is a must see documentary.

From the GMHC, we set out to see, “Waitress” on Broadway. The show was amazing and featured original music by Sara Bareilles. There was a balance of comedy and drama and ties to today’s society. We didn’t get a chance to eat before the show so we ate Buffalo Wild Wings across the street from the theater. Everyone was so hungry that it didn’t matter that we weren’t trying new food. It took us awhile to get back to Harlem because of train delays and it was a very late night, but a day well spent.