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(by Jessa Hahn)

Today we spent the day at Ocracoke Island. We missed the ferry that we wanted to get on to go over to the island, so to pass time we went to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum to take up the time. The museum had artifacts and information on the history of the coast here on Hatteras.

museum  graveyard

After a storm here on the island, hundreds of bags of Doritos washed up on to shore. (I wish that would happen right now). It also had the manuscript that was transcribed when the Titanic called into the Hatteras weather station for help while it was sinking.

After the museum, we drove on to the ferry for about a 45 minute ride to the island. After the windy boat ride over, we arrived on Ocracoke. ferryWe drove to the Ocracoke lighthouse. Then we drove back into town and stopped for a few hours and went into the shops. There was a local coffee shop named the Magic Bean and they had the best smoothies!!!!!!! I got a coconut, pineapple, blueberry and lime smoothies and it was AMAZING. Most of the other shops were closed.

After we were done shopping, we started to head back back to the ferry but we made a pit stop along the way. We stopped at a beach access and spent a few hours at the beach. Today’s weather was gorgeous with clear sky’s, low 70s, and the sun was shinning all day.


After we returned from Ocracoke, we headed to dinner. Tonight we had TACOOOS because taco tuesdays still count even then you’re on an island! After dinner we all headed down to the beach to sit and relax while the sun set below the dunes. We saw dolphins jumping in the waves. It was a sight to see. After the beach we came back to the apartment and hung out and played games and watched the Office. Overall today was fun from start until finish.

Today was our day off but tomorrow we are back to work helping the Ocean Center. At the end of each day, I get excited to see what the next day will bring!!