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received_1478323515519519received_1486825664660835received_1478324672186070Hola a todos!

Today began with another delicious breakfast of fried eggs and bananas, fruit, and of course our favorite… coffee, courtesy of De La Gente.

We then joined our tour guide, Emmy, for another round of shopping in the city. This time the journey was a bit more interesting thanks to the “chicken bus”. These buses are the local transportation for much of the community. They are creatively painted and are one bumpy ride! According to Emmy, the chicken buses have a bit of a competition amd like to race each other to see who can pick up more people.

After doing some more shopping, we got into groups for a market scavenger hunt. Each group was given their own money to buy the part of the meal they were assigned; ingredients for either guacamole, nachos, or a smoothie/ dessert. We worked together to make our recipes and ended with a delicious lunch.

The second part of our day consisted of the artisan workshops. Everyone had signed up in advance for a workshop that they would like to attend; either peanut butter production, bag making, woodworking and iron working. Everyone came back together after dinner with their own fun creations and experiences.

Tomorrow we will be heading out to Lake Atitlan in San Lucas, Guatemala about 3 hours from where we are staying now in San Miguel. Throughout the next three days we will be doing some more touring and shopping, helping with a service project and enjoying our last day relaxing at the lake.

We are all looking forward to the rest of the week and will keep you updated on the blog!