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(by Shannon VanDenEng)

After our past two days of driving, we were finally able to wake up with the sunrise on the beach in beautiful Hatteras.

We started off the morning by cleaning out a building at the Hatteras Island Ocean Center that was damaged by Hurricane Matthew last fall. Because of the storm, this building was now being torn down. I’ve been to Hatteras as a tourist before and of course had been aware of the hurricanes that were relatively regular. However, I had not realized how devasting and costly the damage could be that occurred yearly on the island. In the building we were clearing, the hardwood floors had been warped, black mold was infesting the back room, and a lot of the belongings inside had been ruined.

 working work
It was awesome being able to help out and visibly see the difference we had made already.
After a quick lunch break, we took the (freshly oiled) bikes out for a ride around the island. We stopped at some really cool historical landmarks and even saw dolphins at our stop on the beach!
Our day was topped off by an intense game of ultimate frisbee at sunset before our bonfire on the beach.
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Although our toes were numb and very sandy, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!!