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IMG_1692The group agreed to have a later start this morning to recover from our busy day of travel. Our first stop was Sylvia’s Soul Food where many of us ordered fried chicken and waffles. While we ate, gospel music played in the background.

After our Sunday Soul experience, we went to the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Many of the pieces sent strong messages and were difficult for many of us to look at for long periods of time. However, people said they thought the museum was eye-opening to experience a different style of art.

From there, the group split up. Some chose to take a boat tour of Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty, while others explored some museums. The boat group saw the statue and took some beautiful pictures, although they said the wind was a little chilly. The museum group went to the National Museum of the American Indian and the American Ganster Museum. Both museums had plenty or real artifacts depicting two very different types of culture.

When we all met up again it was for Lombardi’s Pizza. We demolished 3 large pizzas and got warm from spending most of the day outside. Even though we were stuffed from dinner we couldn’t resist our sweet tooths and decided to try another fad type dessert: rolled ice cream. It was started in Thailand and the person who prepares it creates the ice cream and rolls it before your own eyes. Everyone was satisfied with their tasty, handcrafted treats.

Day 2 in the city was wonderful and we are excited for what the first day at the GMHC will bring!