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Today marks day two of our glorious trek to Hatteras.

The day started again as yesterday did with a grand drive down a highway. Very thrilling, to be sure. After about 3 hours, we all were able to stretch our legs and take a short hike down the Appalachian Trail! Though a little windy and chilly and only about 20 minutes long, the stop was a great opportunity to step out into nature and move around.
we drove for 6 more hours. With a quick stop at Walmart to stock up on groceries for the week, we were on the final strech to our destination. We drove a little longer and FINALLY ARRIVED!
We were able to accomplish a few tasks already today. We moved some mattresses and shifted a dumpster so the garbage trucks can move it.
All in all, it has been a successful day. Looking forward to the days to come!
quote of the day, “should I move the cat when I shower..?”
written by the great Karis Fiedler
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