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Day 2 in Antigua brought us many new experiences and adventures. We started off our morning with a tour of Antigua. Throughout the tour we were able to observe the traditions of Holy week in Guatemala.  The cross overlooks Antigua and is directly across from Volcan Fuego. Next, we hiked to Cerro de la Cruz; a cross overlooking the city of Antigua and directly in front of Volcan Fuego.

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All if that walking wore us out and we refueled with lunch st Sky Cafe. The views as well as the food were incredible.

After lunch, the group returned to the house for a coffee activity. Emmy, our tour guide taught us about direct trade vs. fair trade and the amount of time and money that goes into the coffee business.

To end day 2, we joined a local coffee farmer, Manuel, and his family for dinner. He talked more about the coffee process, his involvement with De La Gente, and more about Antigua.

It is safe to say that today was an exhausting one but tomorrow, Monday, we look forward to learning about the coffee growing process with a hike up Volcan Agua and a chance to help the farmer pick the coffee beans.