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(by Marina Garcia)

Today is our first day of spring break! We left at about 4:00am, and it has been a very long, but adventurous day. We are driving to our destination and have travelled through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and we’re at our destination for the day – West Virginia! We are so excited to be here (and halfway to North Carolina!)

Here’s what everyone is excited for:

Karis – Getting to know everyone…awe.

Shannon – Seeing the way that other people live in other parts of the United States.

Jessa – Giving back to the community.

Taylor – Working with the Hatteras Island Ocean Center.

Ashlee – The hopefulness of seeing sea turtles.

Marina – Working with this group of people.

Josh – Another day of the road trip and getting to know everyone.

Nathan – Learning more about the area we’re visiting…and driving the Suburban.

Ryan – Taking pictures of the Milky Way when we’re on the island.

Greg – See Matt’s (the director of the Ocean Center and UWO Alumni) world.

A few highlights of the include:

  • Good car ride music, switching to a hotel room that doesn’t smell like smoke, having an amazing dinner at Cracker Barrel, and exploring the river next to our hotel. Also, we were able to watch the last 12 minutes of the Badger game… Their win broke most of our brackets, but Go Badgers!

We are so excited to get to Hatteras, NC tomorrow evening. The weather is supposed to be around 50-60 degrees, but we’ll be on an island, so we can’t complain too much! 😉