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Today is 3-18-2017 and it marks our first day of spring break. Today, we are traveling from UWO – Chicago O’ Hare – San Salvador – Guatemala City! It has been a very long day of travels, but nevertheless, WE ARE EXCITED!

There are so many things we are looking forward to on our trip, here are some responses…

“I’m excited to go hiking and sightseeing!” -Ari

“I’m excited to eat yummy foods and (hopefully) see lava coming out of a volcano” -Cora

“Everything.” -Joe

“I’m excited to learn how to salsa dance!” -Sarah

“I’m excited to hike on the volcanos” -Katherine

“I’m excited about the food and the volcano climb thing” -Rosa

“I’m excited to work with coffee farmers and learn how to make peanut butter” -Hannah

“I’m excited to learn about a new culture and embrace it in my life” -Lexi

“I’m excited to speak Spanish and take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience” -Katy

“I’m excited to see the second co-op, and learn more about the Mayan culture” -Nicole