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We began our day with a quick breakfast at 8:30and headed out to pick up Amanda and the OYE students at the center. With a toasty early temperature of about 90 degrees, we soaked ourselves in sunscreen and bug spray and then headed over to start our day with the boys of Proniño. According to Israel, we all looked really nice in our bright and peppy matching odyssey shirts!

At Proniño we had a complete day of fun with OYE and the boys. We played intense games of UNO, Suspend, checkers, built puzzles, and continued working on our mural with music playing in the background. It’s our second to last day working on it and we can’t wait to show you all the finished product! Each and every part of the room was created by our UWO women, the OYE students, and the Proniño boys themselves. Some of us became the art as some of the boys were notorious for sneakily painting on people whike they weren’t looking!  It has been amazing to have gotten to know some of the boys on a personal level as we finally saw them break through their shells. They now love giving us hugs, taking pictures with us, teaching us Spanish, practicing their English, and they even got a little sad seeing us leave today. But no worries, we return tomorrow to deliver more donations, finish our projects, visit the Proniño girls and play more games!

Later in the evening, we were invited to join an OYE scholar’s home for dinner. We freshened up and drove out to the rural/agricultural area. Not only did we enjoy a great dinner of chicken or carne asada (grilled meat), cheese, beans, and chimole (diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and green peppers), we also got to explore their area. They showed us their “backyard” which included the mountains, the agricultural areas with papaya, plantains and cilantro, and also their fish farm with about 2,000 fish in one little area! Although some of us got eaten up by mosquitoes during dinner, we were impressed and very grateful for their hospitality. 

Our Honduran family continues growing and so has our Spanish! We can’t wait to come home to show and tell and show you all that we have experienced and learned. Stay tuned tomorrow for another post! (We might need tissues)