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Our second day in Honduras started bright and early with a tour of the heart of El Progreso, a beautiful park located in the center of the city. In the park stood the symbol of El Progreso, the clock tower, and the municipal building where the mayor’s office is located. We learned so much about the culture of the city through this tour, and seeing it just showed us how much beauty this place has to offer!

From the tour we headed to Pronino for a jam packed day of soccer, games, painting and crafts with all of the boys in the organization, and some of the girls even got to meet the five girls that live in a separate location from the boys.

We played a pick up game of soccer with some of the Pronino boys, and even the OYE students and once again learned that they will always beat us no matter how hard we try! The mural is coming along nicely with help from the OYE students, some of the Pronino boys, and we even chimed in a little bit. Board games are an endless adventure as we learn new ones everyday, and are reminded that even if we happen to win, they’re almost always letting us!

One of our groups went to the girls home with some of the OYE students to sew, and create pillows to bring a little more into their home! They taught us as much as we taught them along the way!

The rest of the group stayed back with the boy’s of Pronino and continued painting the mural and working together to teach each other and even work together to complete some puzzles that are much harder than they looked!

We ended our day with dinner at some of the OYE’s scholars house, a night filled with delicious food, homemade bracelets, a game of sharades, and endless laughter!

Tonight we’re going to bed with our stomachs full, and smiles on our faces!