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Our day began bright and early at 7:45AM as we prepared to have our first Honduran breakfast. Not too far from our hotel we found ourselves at the very authentic, “cute” and comfortable placed called Que Rico Cafe. The girls enjoyed a dish called, baleadas, which consisted of a toasted tortilla filled with beans, eggs, and Honduran cheese.

We also enjoyed some of the local’s favrotie drinks such as freshly made strawberry cream smoothies, frozen coffee and tea! After an amazing first breakfast, we hurried off in excitement with two very special people in our front seat. Finally the moment we had all been waiting for since Saturday arrived, Amanda and a student were taking us to the OYE building to meet the students and staff!

At OYE we unpacked necessary donations for our activities later that day, but most importantly, we learned about the organzition and the students that have been impacted by their generosity. With a range of ages, different levels of English speaking and comprehension skills, levels of shyness,  different personalities, and interests, it was so much fun getting to know the students at OYE. We not only got to practice our Spanish as we introduced each other with names, age, field of study and our favorite animals, the OYE students also got to practice their English, it was a proud moment for all of us to step out of our comfort zones. After a tour of the building and recognizing the staff members like Amanda and Dylan, we had a better understanding of how important it is in this organization to be close to one another, because they truly are one big happy family, one we are now very happy to be apart of.

After our tour, we packed up a suitcase of various donations and materials and headed over to Pronino. We were also eager to begin painting the mural that the OYE students envisioned. We got to see where the boys ate, slept, played and relaxed, it was definitely an eye opening experience to finally meet the organization we had collected all these donations for. The most somber part of the day was seeing the ruins of the building that had burned down. Still standing with colorful murals on some of the walls, we were reminded how hopeful, optimistic everyone is about getting these boys what they need. We played card games, board games, and an intense game of soccer that left our girls winded, those boys were in it to win it!

Leaving pronino was but we were very excited to hear we were going to dinner at a fellow OYE students house, his name is Bryan and his family was absolutely amazing for opening their home to us. Dinner was delicious and we shared plenty of laughs and stories. Bryan enjoyed showing us his art and music!

Coming back from a night of fun, and pictures, we went directly into reflection, and are super excited to go back and meet the OYE students and return to our volunteering at Proñino.