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After a hectic day yesterday, we’ve made it to our destination in El Progreso at last! Although since we rebooked our flight for today, we flew into Tegucigalpa rather than San Pedro Sula.

IMG_0412 IMG_0413

It was nice to get through customs and finally see the smiling faces from OYE greeting us on the other side. Both the landing and the four hour drive from the capital city to El Progreso were full of gorgeous sights of the city and countryside.


With such a positive group it’s hard to not find fun and positivity where ever we go (even after 3 bags of donations didn’t make it here)! We learned today that four hours of winding roads up, down, and through the mountains lead to unforgettable conversations and endless laughter!

We started out our day in Honduras by going out to lunch with traditional Honduran food and fresh cantaloupe juice! By the time we made it to the hotel in El Progreso we had homemade food prepared by one of the nutrition centers staff the group worked with last year.

So with our stomachs full, and our traveling complete (at least until next weekend) we head off to bed eager and ready to jump in to a day full of volunteering at pronino tomorrow!