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After a long day of traveling, exploring, sleeping and eating we can officially say we have expended all of our energy on our first night. Friday night was one to remember as a slight miscommunication between our bus provider resulted in the 10 of us standing outside at midnight with about 30 suitcases and bags waiting anxiously to be picked up. Luckily, our bus driver arrived quickly and we boarded the bus to catch our flight at Chicago O’Hare which boarded at 5:15AM.
The process of checking 18 suitcases full of donations at O’Hare was a bit overwhelming but with the help of such a positive group we got through with some time to spare before our scheduled departure at 5:55 AM.
We soon left O’Hare, and boy was it a bumpy ride to Atlanta! The south was experiencing stormy weather and that kept our plane in the air past our scheduled arrival. Despite the turbulence and the anxiousness of arriving on time, we all found ways to enjoy the ride with complimentary drinks, snacks and even free entertainment. Before we knew it, we were arriving in Atlanta with only minutes to catch our next flight across the airport.
Here in Atlanta was where Kate Fladten showed off her great track skills. Racing towards the terminal to claim our spots, we ran into many supportive passengers who cheered us on, witnessing our scramble. Unfortunately due to our late landing, our plane to San Pedro Sula left without us, and we had to regroup to access the situation.
With an amazing team of individuals, and a wonderful trip leader, Missy Burgess, we were able to calmly book hotel rooms and another flight which is scheduled for tomorrow, January 22nd at 10:05AM. The estimated arrival time in Tegucigalpa is at 12:54PM (Flight DL0849).
To enjoy the rest of our day in Atlanta we decided to take the advice of our friendly shuttle driver, “Tim Tim”, to head downtown on the local train system. We saw merry-go-round, explored the CNN building and finally got the hang of the transit system, we were officially pros. To reward ourselves of such a positive day, we had pizza in the lobby!

We are looking forward to flying to Honduras tomorrow, but for now, our exhausted travelers will be heading to sleep for a long day tomorrow. Stay tuned for more posts!