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Today was the day we set off from campus to begin our wonderful adventure! Or at least that is what we hoped… our first flight out of Chicago was delayed for 3.5 hours, then our flight out of Atlanta, GA, left the terminal without our group before we landed in Atlanta.

The realization of not being able to arrive in Guatemala when expected shocked, startled, and annoyed many… which can be expected… but we all supported each other and talked out/vented our frustrations

However, here are some great things about today:

1) There was a group of about 30 Navy men, fresh from basic, that flew with us out of Chicago… that was the safest-feeling flight for all of us, to say the least.

2) We played spoons in the airport and learned how to play a new card game from Danielle (called “European War”) while waiting for what would happen next when missing the flight.

3) Awesome hotel rooms, (almost) EACH of us with our own bed :). And we ordered some really good pizza. AANNDDD there is a (“questionable”) whirlpool at the hotel that we may of may not go in.

At this exact moment, we are at a hotel provided for us by the airline and will FINALLY be leaving in a directly flight to Guatemala at about 10:30am. Wish us better luck in our travels tomorrow!


ASB Guatemala 🙂

Photo attached: playing spoons at the airport while we waited for further instructions.