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Today was the big day! After the whole group met up at the airport in Milwaukee, we checked in and boarded our Southwest Airlines flight with little wait time. We were one of the last groups to board, leaving many with the dreaded middle seat as the only option. After only a 10 minute delay due to light snow, we were off. After we landed everyone picked up their bags and we took a bus to the Harlem YMCA. The trip actually went very smoothly without any major delays or “events” (thank god). The first night here was our first big exposurimagee to the hustle and bustle of New York City. We rode the subway from Harlem down to Times Square, where we had dinner. Now I cannot speak for everyone, but Times Square is definitely something you have to see for yourself, because pictures cannot capture the essence, spirit, and energy of it all. Gigantic HD TV screens sprawl out in every direction filled with more information than you can take in. You hear people speaking all different languages and accents. I think we all laughed when we heard the brooklyn accent for the first time. Dinner took us to Guy’s (Fieri) American Kitchen, which everyone agrees, was absolutely fantastic. Dishes from burgers with mac n cheese to hawaiian style chicken were ordered and the table went silent as everyone shoveled copious amounts of delicious food into their stomachs (the bacon mac n cheese with rotisserie chicken was to die for if you ever get to go, just saying). After dinner the crew strolled around Timimageimagees Square at night snapping pictures, doing some New York style shopping and eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Overall, an amazing way to start the week!image