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Today was an amazing day, filled with lots of sun, lots of paint, and delicious foods. Before the team split up, we toured a couple schools in the area near our volunteer site and experienced an environment much different from the way we learn for careers back in Oshkosh. The first school we attended provided student with trades skills, such as electrical, welding, and metal work in general.

  We also explored one of the largest high schools in Honduras, and it was also the only high school with an olympic sized track, and school nurse.

 We had our first bag of water that we bought from the concession on the high school campus.

To end the day we were lucky enough to enjoy a meal prepared by an OYE students mother. We sang and ate merrily through the night and were sent back to the hotel with high spirits and full stomachs. The alternative break group is very greatful for today!!

 (Brian Palma, OYE scholar, blue and white striped shirt)