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Hola amigos, today we went touring the city of El Progeso. Our first stop was at Rocio’s cafe and we all got our coffee fix in. La cafe es muy deliciosa! We saw a beautiful park and the government building. In the center of the park is a large clock, which symbolizes progress (El Progreso, the city of progress).

After touring the city, we listened to a presentation by a Honduran political activist named Hector. The presentation was very eye opening and included lots of information on the history of this beautiful country.

In the afternoon the group broke off into the two smaller groups for the service projects. The first group stayed at the clinic and worked on the mural outside the nutrition center. They also got to play with the kids. The second group went out into a community with the directors and some of the staff at the nutrition center to distribute the donations of tooth brushes and tooth paste, along with medicine for parasites and vitamins. It was quite apparent that there is a huge need for these items, and the experience was again very eye opening.

In the evening, a scholar from OYE and his family made an amazing Honduran meal of beans, eggs with tomatoes, and chicken all wrapped in a tortilla. After dinner, we listened to music and were taught different dances.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the high schools and touring more of the city in the morning, then in the afternoon we will be dividing into the two smaller groups and working on the service projects.