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After a long night and day of traveling we can say we are safe in El Progreso, Honduras. Our journey began last night at 10:30pm where the team met at Reeve Union and loaded all the luggage of donations on the bus. By 2:00am we were in Chicago’s O’Hare airport with smiles on our faces.

We left O’Hare at 5:00am and had a short layover in Houston. We arrived in San Pedro Sula at 12:00 and were welcomed by OYE Program’s coordinator Amanda, our awesome bus driver Israel, and other OYE volunteers. We checked into our hotel and had a fantastic lunch of traditional Homduran meal of chicken with an amazing mustard sauce, corn mashed potatoes, rice and a salad.

Although we were a little tired from travel, the team was eager to get to OYE and meet the staff and kids. We got a tour of the facility and did introductions with the staff. We attempted to use Spanish (which was quite funny) and in the late afternoon we headed over to the futbol (Spanish for soccer) field where some of group members played a game with the kids in OYE. The rest of the group sat on the side watching and cheering them on.

After the game we headed to the super mercado to pick up any last minute things. We ate a delicious dinner of beans, spicy sausage, eggs , cheese, wrapped in a tortilla shells, along with fried plantains.

We are looking forward to starting our service project tomorrow, but for now, these tired travelers are ready for bed. Stay tuned for more posts.