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Our names are Nerissa and Olivia and we are our team’s bloggers for our week in Honduras. We, along with the rest of our team, are getting very excited to leave on our trip. We will be helping with the program OYE, Organization for Youth Empowerment in the city of El Progreso. OYE is a program that helps give school age children a good education and helps them become leaders. The mission of the program is to help students break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for their generation and their community. Our team will also be helping at a children’s nutritional clinic, and we’ve been taking donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste, children’s vitamins, shampoo, baby wash and powder, and baby wipes. So far, we’ve filled nine suitcases (each almost 50 lbs) worth of donations!
We leave for Honduras in approximately three days, so we have asked our team members to say what they are most looking forward to on the trip:

Becca: The hot weather and experiencing a completely different part of the world.

Lukki: Experiencing a new culture and learning from the OYE students.

Alaina: Learning and experiencing a new culture and a different part of the world, along with meeting new people.

Christina: Going outside of the country and learning all the fascinating parts of the different culture.

Jenna: Getting out of my comfort zone and taking in new experiences with an open mind.

Mackenzie: Experiencing a culture different from my own.

Missy: Interacting with the OYE students and staff.

Carly: Experiencing a different culture and learning from everyone involved with the trip.

Nerissa: Brushing up on my Spanish and eating Honduran foods because I LOVE  rice, beans and cheese.

Olivia: Meeting the kids at OYE

Last Meeting Before Our Trip!

Last Meeting Before Our Trip!