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Last day of service work today! We spent all day working at a local school. Missy, Bailee, Sam, Allie, Teegan and the OYE scholars finished up the awesome mural. While Ashlee, Grace, Steph and Jayna presented a sustainablity presentation with help from Oscar and Marisella, complete with a reduce, reuse, recycle song. Don’t miss the awesome pictures of the day! Finishing these projects was just a stepping stone in the right direction for the OYE Scholars and the community of El Pregresso, Honduras. 

Our night consisted of a traditional Honduran meal (just kidding it was Chicken Fingers) and dancing with our new friends! Tonight was a realization of just how happy we all are individually and as a group for coming here and making a difference. 

Many tears were shed as we realize today was our last time working with OYE. What a blessing it has been to meet and work with such inspiring individuals. But we are thankful for our last day we get to spend at the beach with them all tomorrow. If one things for sure, we will miss you all dearly!