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Much like yesterday we went around the ninth ward and beautified the area. We split off into two groups; one group went and planted trees in the nieghbors yards. Four of us got to talk to one lady and her friend not so much about how their experience with the hurricane but they were very intrigued with the idea that we had snow currently in Wisconsin. The other group went around to some of the empty lots and cut grass, cleared long grasses etc. 

Today we also got to go to the Jefferson Parrish Animal Shelter and see a bunch of animals. We all got to hold puppies and walk some of the dogs. The shelter is unique in the fact that if you want to adopt one the cost is only $67 to adopt any of the animals. That $67 covers nudering and the first round of vaccinations. We did not want to put those puppies down! The rest of the time we went and helped clean cages  and walked some of the dogs.

Tonight was the one night where we knew a few months in advance that the New Orleans Pelicans were going to have a home game. We split up and seven of us went to the game while the other three went out to the garden district to get ice cream!