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Another eye opening day here in El Progresso! 

Today started off with a panel of three educational leaders of the city, a NGO, a director of a public high school, and a director of a vocational high school. They shared with details about how schools work in Honduras. Additionally, how the government does not want people to be educated, because they believe that educated people are harder to control. The goverment has also taken money that was suppose to be used for education, and used it for other things such as unnecessary military equipment. Students our age struggle with attending a university, when 4 out of 10 high school graduates have the opportunity to attend college, only 2 out of that 10 graduate college, and 1 of that 10 will find a job. In the US we do not realize how privileged we are to have access to higher education and to have resources to help you find a job after graduation. The most inspiring part of the panel was to see how positive these individuals were and how much the people of Honduras want a change. It was motavating to want to help with such an awesome cause and give hope to educators of Honduras.

The rest of our day consisted of working on our projects, having coffee at a local coffee shop, playing soccer with the OYE scholars, and enjoying homemade tamales! Here is one word from everyone about their experience so far: “Eye-opening, believe, connection, laughter, motivated, inspired, descarado, sassy and masiso.”          

Us with our awesome leader of OYE, Amanda


Sam and Allie with their new friend Paula!


And now we dance!


Finishing up the posters for our sustainablity project!


Soccer game with the OYE kids!