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My name is Jessica Singer, and I am a sophomore nursing major at UWO. I absolutely love volunteering, helping people, and making a difference within my campus and community. I am so excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this trip, to be able to travel, while impacting a community that is really in need of the help. Yesterday was definately my favorite day. Volunteering, going on a Hurricane Katrina Tour, and listening to the story of a survivor of Katrina, I felt like I was really able to experience the tragedy, and make a difference in the lives of those who still live here.  I was also excited about experiencing the culture, and learning about the different lifestyle in the south. Going to Congo Square, and the parade over the weekend, definately fulfilled this.  It is crazy that we have four days left. I am most excited about seeing the impact we can make volunteering in the ninth ward. There is no way to describe how much help is still needed, even after ten years. With this all said, my experience in NOLA so far is indescribable. Volunteering, experiencing culture, and making new friends, I am having the time of my life.