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Today we were working in our own backyard. The Lower 9th ward (where we are staying) was hit the hardest when the levees broke losing a lot of the houses and most of the wildlife. We drove down everyblock and asked people if they wanted us to plant a tree in their yard. They were all so thrilled that we were out there planting trees in their neighborhood. We did not think it was such a big deal until we started to REALLY look around the nighborhood.Its eerie when you look at blank lots with just a slab of concrete on it knowing that someones house once sat there. People had lost everything they owned and some had even lost their lives right wherre their houses stood. 

The nighborhood; 10 years later is slowly starting to get back on their feet. The first convienience store has opened up since Katrina hit. People in this area had to drive for miles to the closest grocery store in order to get anything they needed. Now they can pick up simple things right around the corner from their house. It isnt much yet, they werent even able to break a twenty when we went into buy some ice cream. 

Along with the houses, schools were also greatly damaged in the storm. They are currently re building a charter high school in the nighborhood. The school system was never great and was letting down the people of New Orleans since the 50s. They found this as a new beginning to re construct the school system, majorly installing the charter school system.

Tomorrow we do more planting trees around the neighborhood and volunteer at an animal shelter!