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Another great day here in the sun! We started off our day getting a tour of the beautiful city of El Progresso. Our awesome guide Amanda showed us the government building, a local high school, a supermarket, murals around the city and a photo gallery of the history of El Prgresso. 

Our team broke up in to two teams. Missy, Bailie, Sam, Allie, and Teegan worked with OYE scholars and other local kids at a school planning and started painting this years mural. Ashlee, Jayna, Gracie and Steph all worked with an OYE scholer named Oscar on planning this years educational campain on sustainablity.

Today we have learned so much about this culture and are meeting so many awesome people along the way 🙂


The group outside of the mayors office on our tour.


Sam and one of the local boys who told her she was pretty! (even in English)


Allie learning some Spanish from an OYE scholar.


The girls working hard on getting the wall ready for the mural.


Jayna doing some prep work for the sustainability project.


Steph and Gracie hanging out at the OYE office with Oscar.


“Mi mejor amigo, Israel” “My best friend Isreal- Gracie PS Mom I have peanut butter bon bons for Erin