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As Melani said earlier, we had a ton of stuff going on! Near the end of our evening our group split into two. Six of us decided to go to the top of the Empire State Building. (It was really the 86th floor, but come on!)

We went right about at sunset and luckily for a sunday night the lines were not too bad. Walking out onto the observation deck was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was just finishing setting and the city lights were really starting to shine. The wind was absolutely brutal though, so we had to make it pretty quick!

As someone who was on the fence about going on this adventure, I am so glad I did. Pictures absolutely do not do it justice at all, but here are a few

.image image image


After our perfect end to an evening we were hungry, tired, and ready to head home! When we got to the subway there was a street performer who was essentially mixing in his own beats on an drum kit with other music. Albeit hard to explain, it was the perfect energy to bring our night to an end. As we got out of the subway we grabbed a late dinner at a food cart and came back to the Y.

Bright and early tomorrow we are heading to the Brooklyn Bridge before our first day a at GMHC. Can’t wait!