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Today was our first full day in Honduras, and our first day working with OYE. We started off the day by getting a tour of the OYE office and attending a picture-taking workshop with the scholars. After lunch we visited a local school and participated in “Hands on El Progresso.” Together with the team we planted 85 trees around the school. We are learning so much about the culture, a lot of Spanish and so much more…

Here is what everyone learned on our first day that we will bring back with us:

“Be positive.” -Missy

“You need to break and change the stigmas attached to your race.” -Gracie

“Positivity and hard work will always lead to happiness and success.” -Jayna

“Teamwork and a dream know no language barrier.” -Steph

“Happiness and positivity truly depend on your attitude.” -Teagan

“Relationships are found in places you would never expect.” -Sam

“I don’t need to plan and control everything.” -Bailee

“We take so much for granted.” -Allie

“Seeing the world through someone elses eyes is one of the best ways to appreciate what you have.”-Ashlee

Here was our day at “Hands on El Progresso”