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With only days before we officially leave, it’s time for an introduction post! We are the ASB New York City trip! First we will introduce our bloggers and then move on to what our trip is focused on.

My name is Rachel Peckham and I am a senior in the nursing program at UWO. I chose to go on this trip because I am always trying to find ways to immerse myself into different cultures and gain different perspectives, especially in preparing for my future in the nursing field. This trip especially was perfect for me because of the HIV/AIDS education portion. I am lucky enough to have gone to Guatemala with ASB two years ago, and I am so excited to go on another trip! I look forward to being able to update those from home with the progress of our trip.

Hi, My name is Melani. I’m the other blogger who will be writing throughout the trip! I’m a junior in the nursing program. I wanted to go on this trip to learn more about HIV/AIDS and gain knowledge about such a devastating disease. I have always wanted to go to New York, and I have a passion for volunteering, so when the opportunity for this trip came up, I had to jump on it. I cannot believe that in just a few short days we’ll be flying to “The Big Apple”, I am so excited!

In New York we will be volunteering at GMHC, whose mission it is to fight to end the AIDS epidemic and to uplift all the lives of those affected. A portion of our volunteering with this organization will be providing meal service. This can include serving up the food, assisting disabled clients, and cleaning up. There is also opportunity to sit and talk with those coming for meals and to learn from their personal life experiences.

Aside from GMHC we will be dedicating much of our time to immersing ourselves in the rich history that New York City has to offer. This involves seeing things like Central Park, Times Square, and a show on Broadway. We will also be visiting many historical sites such as Ellis Island and the World Trade Center Memorial.

We will be updating our blog throughout the week with pictures and entries to keep you all updated on our adventures!

Can’t wait!