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Welcome to the blog page for the 2015 Alternative Spring Break Guatemala trip! This page will contain updates of our trip throughout the week as we venture through Guatemala. We are a group of nine UW Oshkosh students and our leader, Nicole, that will be spending our spring break volunteering in San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala.  Our trip focuses on sustainability and what we can do to make a more sustainable world. We will be volunteering with a non for profit organization called De La Gente, that works with coffee farming communities in Guatemala to “create econonmic opportunity that improves the quality of life for [farmers] and their families”(De La Gente). The name, De La Gente, means “from the people” and the company strives to ensure the people doing the work and the one’s that receive the proceeds of the work, this enables the famers to afford school and healthcare as well as obtain a better lifestyle. For our trip, we will be staying with the farmers and working on the coffee farm. As a coffee lover, this trip could not be more exciting! For more information of De La Gente and its mission, you can visit  and read all about their projects.

FamTrip Viaventure 2014 Guatemala Belize

With just four days until we leave, our group is getting very excited for the journey that lies ahead. Here is some information about our group introduce our members:

My name is Brenna and I am a junior, Kinesiology major with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. I am most excited about learning about the coffee process and seeing my first volcano! I will be the blogger for our trip, updating you on all of our exciting adventures!

Chau is a senior Human Resource Management Major with an Emphasis in Legal Studies and Business. He most excited about experiencing Guatemalan culture first hand whether it is  hiking up a volcano, eating meals with the local farmers, or simply observing the locals. Chau has been our educator leading up to the trip, and has prepped us for all we need to know about Guatemala and its culture!

Anna is a sophomore Environmental Studies Major with a Business Administration minor. She is most excited to experience a different culture and learn about the coffee production process. Anna has been working adamantly on our fundraising efforts and has embraced utilizing other Guatemala non for profits to fundraise for this trip.

Nikki is our student leader and is returning to Guatemala for her second time. She is a senior Music Industry Major. She is most excited to be going back to Guatemala to work with De La Gente and to be taking on this experience with a new perspective as a student trip leader. She has been tremendously helpful in prepping us for this trip and using her past experiences to get us ready.

Ann is a junior Environmental Studies major with a Sustainable Business Management Minor. She is most excited about submersing herself in a new culture and seeing the impact that our actions will make on other’s lives.  Ann will be aiding us with re-orientation when we return home from our trip, and helping us get readjusted to normal life after all we have experienced.

Carly is a junior Sociology Major with and Environmental Studies Minor. She is most excited to step outside of her comfort zone and immerse herself in a completely different culture. She especially can’t wait to meet the farmers and take part in the coffee-making process. Carly is our reflection leader and will be helping us to discuss and process our experiences before, during and after our trip.

Stephanie is a senior Human Services Major with a Business Minor.  She is most excited for climbing a volcano and learning a new culture. Stephanie was also part of our fundraising team and really worked hard to lower our trip costs!

Samantha is a sophomore nursing major. She is looking forward to immersing herself into a new culture while also learning about sustainability. She also wants to practice her Spanish! Samantha will be planning our free days and extra events when we are in Guatemala.

Karissa is a senior Ecology and Organismal Biology Major. She is really excited to be immersed into a new culture and experiencing many new things! Karissa will also be working with us on re-upon re-entering the United States. She will work to help us not only adjust but also incorporate our experiences into our daily lives.

Last but certainly not least, is our leader, Nicole! She is traveling to Guatemala for the first time with us and is most excited about the opportunity to be in a different culture and to experience life in a new way!


Two weeks ago, we worked with student recreation expeditions and had a rock climbing night to bond and prepare for our trip. We had tons of fun getting some exercise and trying something new! Although not all of us our pictured here, we had a great time getting to know one another! We can’t believe it is already almost time for us to leave but we could not be more ready! Stay tuned to this page for updates on our trip and descriptions of our experiences!

Vamos a Guatemala!