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It is time to start packing! Sunscreen, clothes, bug spray, and more sunscreen….The good news is the high in Honduras is currently 90 degrees!


To prepare for our upcoming trip, our group worked with the UWO Xpedition’s team for some team building exercising. We learned more about each others leadership skills, how to work as a team, and what it will take for us to have a successful trip. We even got to do some rock climbing!


Would you like to meet our awesome group? We may come from different backgrounds and study very different things, but we each bring skills and experience that will help our trip be a success. We asked them a few questions to find out a little bit more about them and about some thoughts about our trip.


Have you ever done anything like this before?

“I did two ASB trips as an undergrad in Oklahoma. I also advised 20+ student delegations to conferences.” -Missy, Advisor, PhD in Ed Leadership (2012)


Why did you choose to go on this ASB Trip?

“I want to develop leaders for a living–this was a good start!” -Bailie, Trip Leader, Senior, Psychology


Are you excited for the Honduras weather?

“Yes! I’m excited for the hot weather. I can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun!” -Allie, Sophomore, Finance


What are you most nervous about?

“I am most nervous about forgetting I can’t drink the water!” -Teagan, Sophomore, Business Management


Have you ever been out of the country before?

“Yes, I went on a “people to people” trip to France and England, and Mexico with my family.” -Jayna, Junior, Dual Special Ed and Early Childhood


What do you hope to bring back from the trip?

“I hope to bring back a new appreciation of a diverse culture and use this experience to better myself as a pre-service teacher.” -Stephanie, Junior, Secondary Education Broadfield Natural Science


What do you think the best part of the trip will be?

“I think the best part will be that we are going to be able to be a group and change the young children’s lives. Little, or big. I am excited to empower them through our words and actions of bring our culture with us.” -Sam, Sophomore, Human Resources


What inspired you to go to Honduras?

“I want to not only empower the youth in Honduras, but also prepare myself for the peace core. Also being able to practice my Spanish will also help break the communication barrier with the youth! -Grace, Sophomore, Social Work


What are you most excited for on the trip?

“Meeting and working with the kids. Being around kids has always been something I enjoy and I am beyond blessed to get to hopefully make a positive impact on their lives.” -Ashlee, Sophomore, Dual Early Childhood and Special Education


Stay tuned for more of our adventures starting next Friday.