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OYE is participating in an IndieGOGO scholarship fund to help raise funds for some of our favorite scholars! Throughout our time in Honduras we were able to get to know these scholars on personal levels. They became more than just the scholars of OYE, they became our friends. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, put it towards the fund so you can help their dream of getting an education come through.

Click here to help our Scholars!

Here is some more information about the campaign copied from their page:


Founded in 2005, OYE Adelante Jóvenes (Organization for Youth Empowerment) is a small NGO in the city of El Progreso that exists to empower Honduran youth with scarce economic resources to continue their education and become socially conscious leaders of positive change in their communities. We envision a society where Honduran youth are active contributors to the positive development of their country.



Every year, OYE provides approximately 70 high school and university scholarships for at-risk youth who not only have a real economic necessity and maintain a respectable GPA, but also demonstrate leadership potential and a strong desire to succeed and overcome adversity.


In launching this campaign, we are calling on YOU to help us provide continued scholarship support to four of OYE´s greatest leaders.


HEYLI, ERICK, JEFRY and CLAUDIA are among our youth coordinators, those scholars who have dedicated their time and effort to help bring OYE’s five community action programs to new heights. They are dynamic leaders among their peers, provide invaluable support to our staff and serve as ambassadors when OYE hosts international volunteer groups. Each of these students have overcome severe obstacles to their success, from economic hardship to family disintegration. Without the financial support of an OYE scholarship, they would likely be forced to leave school and look for full-time work to contribute to the family income.


Please click the link at the top to learn more about the four scholars!