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This was our last day of volunteering. It was our favorite day! We helped Don at the Father McKenna Center with breakfast and lunch and everything in between. There was a lot going on in the kitchen. We made salmon patties, french fries, coleslaw and cookies for the guys.

Jacob was on shower patrol, he got to sign the guys into the shower and then cleaned the showers afterwords.


After we were done volunteering we went to the National Zoo! It was very fun seeing all the animals. The groups favorites were the Pandas, Elephant, and the Lion.


We ended the day with seeing Ford’s Theater, doing some souvenir shopping, and having one last family dinner!

Overall, the trip has provided us with our own stories and experiences that we will have for a lifetime and can grow from. I am happy to have shared such a life changing experience with such an awesome group of people that always kept me laughing and changeling myself through the week. We can’t wait to share our stories with all of our readers, family, and friends!!