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Words from the Guatemala Crew

Hello there! For this post, I’ve asked the team to say a little something for you all about their experience so far. Here goes!

Carter: I’m really enjoying all the 80s music they play here. 

Nikki K.: I like how everyone says hi or waves. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. 

Cassy: I can’t decide what my favorite thing is because everything has been so wonderful. I’m not coming home. Sorry parents. 

Sophie: I like all the nice puppies, the nice people, good food, good times. Right on, right on, right on. *mumbles boo boo boo*

Mike: I’ve enjoyed watching everyone experience Giatemala for the first time and I love the sun. 

Daniel: I like speaking Spanish. And I like all of the sounds. I like the sounds. And the fireworks. And the dogs. And the chickens. And being called a Gringo everywhere. 

Amber: I enjoyed hanging out with Timoteo a lot. We hung out with him for like 3 days straight. I like that his face is on my coffee. It just makes my life. 

Taylor: Me gusta galletes. “He went to Francisco’s”. 

Kari: I like how nice everybody has been. I had a tiny conversation with Francisco today and told him his house was very beautiful and he said it’s your house too. It was cool because I didn’t need help saying it in Spanish! 

Nikki R.: It’s been great! I’ve loved experiencing it all and being here. 

Thanks for reading. Check back for more updates! Keep commenting, we love hearing from you!