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I did not have time to blog about yesterday because we were having too much fun but, I will tell you now!!

Yesterday we went to the capitol and got a tour!! And we also got a tour of the Library of Congress. I also managed to get up close and personal with Abraham Lincoln!! 😉

At night we helped Gonzaga and DePaul serve the peace meal for around 200 men, women and families from all over Washington D.C. It was a great experience! We got the opportunity to really get to know some of the people we were serving by talking and eating with them throughout the night. So many of the stories made us realize not only how widespread the issues of hunger and homelessness are, but how easily any single person might be affected by these issues.

After the meal, our group reflected on the experience and talked about how it has impacted our lives and shaped our stories moving forward. Overall, today was a great day – we learned so much about America’s story, our own personal stories and the stories of those around us who’s stories do not get heard often enough.