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Erin completing human knot

Erin says:

It’s day four of our trip and it’s been such an amazing experience so far! One of the major projects we have been working on is the mural. This is supposed to show kids why we need to recycle and take care of our environment. Before this trip I never payed attention to littering or recycling until I witnessed all the trash in the roads and rivers in Honduras. It taught me that we can’t take this world for granted and we need to learn to take better care of it.

P.S Mom and Dad, I love you guys!


Mike working hard!

Mike says:

Hola everyone!!!

Day four is coming to a close and I think it has been the best day yet! We woke up early, had breakfast and were out of the hotel and at OYE by 9:15am. There we met and spoke with Hector, an associate of Fé Alegria, dealing with many of the core issues in education. This was, so far, my favorite part of the trip because I got to really see first hand some of the base issues and what organizations like Fé Alegria and the government are doing about it. I also really enjoyed playing soccer with some Hondurans associated with OYE and sweating way too much. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us!

Love Mike

P.S Dad- keep the NCAA Tournament updates coming!


Rachel planting a tree

Rachel says:

Qué pasa Oshkosh? So far this week has been amazing! As a first semester Spanish student, it’s been really fun to try talking to the Honduran people. You can definitely tell they are trying to speak english with us as well which makes things a lot easier. The projects we are doing are separated into groups which gives us a chance to connect with the kids one on one. Today I learned Claudia and Haylee love American TV; such as Bones, The X-factor, and The Voice. They also love Justin Timberlake, but then again who doesn’t? I can’t get over how simple, but amazing, the food here is. Going back to Blackhawk is going to be a struggle after this. It’s safe to say I’m loving it here and I wish we could stay so much longer. There’s so much work to be done here and OYE seems to welcome the help. So until we’re back in Oshkosh it’s work, work, work for us!


P.S Mom and Dad if you guys ever figure this blog out, Hi and I love you guys!