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Interesting Blurbs About Guatemala

-We’ve got to see a volcano erupt (smokes and ash only)

-They typically only have spoons out as their dinner utensil even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally eat with a spoon. also only bowls

-Coffee cups are tiny but pack a lotta punch

-Toilet paper has to go in the garbage NOT the toilet. That applies everywhere here.

-So many stray dogs.

-Electric shower heads to heat the shower. You run the risk of a small shock when turning on/off the shower.

-Houses are gated with large cinder block walls so no one can see inside. Once inside, there’s typically a courtyard surrounded by rooms.

-Frelan, one of the farmers, wore flip flops as we climbed the volcano.

-Typically, ice isn’t used in drinks.

-Elementary school is typically the most education people in this area get. Further schooling is far from town and costs a lot of money.

This one’s from Amber’s page of “facts”
-If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.