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Emily with Honduran friends

Emily says:

I can’t believe I am in Honduras! This experience has been amazing so far and we have only been here for 3 days! It was a long journey here but we made it! Helping out with Hands on Progreso was so much fun! In a little amount of time we cleaned up so much and it was great to see everyone using the work gloves I brought down! Meeting the scholars has been one of my favorite parts. They have such awesome energy and love having us here! Oscar is teaching the group how to dance and it is hilarious! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has to offer. A huge shoutout to my friends and family that helped support this trip 🙂 Without you guys I would not be where I am! I love you all!
Adiós for now,



Elaine with a scholar

Elaine says:

Today was great! The group I’m in worked on cutting out stencils for the garbage cans we will be painting. While cutting, we were able to talk with Oscar, one of our Honduran group members. We laughed a lot! I’m looking forward to another great day!

Shoutout to my mother; I haven’t been carried away by a rip current! And dad, stop worrying! I’m having a wonderful time. Everyone here is extremely kind and welcoming. I feel right at home. Mom, dad, Ellen- I love you! It’s 95 and sunny here! I hope you guys enjoy the snow! 🙂


Chelsea says:

I hope everyone is enjoying Stephanie’s awesome blog as much as we are
enjoying our experience in Honduras and with OYE. All the students are
doing a great job, learning lots, and experiencing some very tough
topics such as access to education, the effects of corruption,
inadequate healthcare and extreme poverty. Our panel discussion on
these topics today was eye opening and I am so grateful to the
Honduran leaders and students who shared and discussed with us today.
Keep checking back to hear more updates, see more photos and follow
our journey. Thanks for all your support! Shout out to my family, miss