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We made it safe and sound! Both the drive to Milwaukee and the plane ride went incredibly fast!! The city bus ride and the subway was a whole new adventure for our group but we persevered and made it safely to our home away from home in China Town. After unpacking, we ventured out to explore other parts of China Town and even wandered through parts of Little Italy. We ate at The Famous Cozy for our first official NYC dinner and ten split up to so some site seeing and shopping. Rya took a lot of nice pictures of our travels today but is being studious and cannot post them till tomorrow. The day has been long and all of us girls need our beauty rest 🙂

Up, up, and away!

Up, up, and away!

Home base (:
Home is where the heart is.

Uptown girls--all smiles now that we can navigate the subway... somewhat!

Uptown girls–all smiles now that we can navigate the subway… somewhat!


Hunger got the best of us as we navigated our way through Chinatown and Little Italy. What’s better than a slice of New York pizza? One slice as big as your head and only four dollars!

Today was such an amazing day of “firsts.” For some it was their first time flying, for others it was their first time on a subway. We can all agree that it was the first, amazing day of seven incredible days to come! Stay tuned!