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Every night we are going to have 3 to 4 people give a quick “shout out” to home. We will be talking about our day or sending a quick “hi” to family members at home. This will give each team member a chance to share a quick story or send some love towards home!



Katie helping children plant

Katie says:

Hi everyone! Day 2 is officially over and this experience has already been AMAZING! Today we were able to see the school that we will be working at and it makes me excited to start our projects with the kids. My favorite part of today was shoveling a hole for two little girls and being able to actually talk a little Spanish with them. I can’t wait for the week ahead, especially all this warm weather we’ve been having 🙂

See you all soon!


P.S. Miss and Love you Mom and Dad!!!



Sam dancing with Oscar

Sam says:

Hola Todos!

Absolutely loving everything that this country has offered us so far. It’s been amazing being here and meeting all of the people at OYE and in the community. The best part of the day was without a doubt the dance party that we had with the scholars during our break time at the river clean up. It was definitely one of the best memories I’ll have from this week. After today, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has to offer me!

Enjoy the cold weather, Wisconsin!


PS: Hi mom. Still alive.



Annie meeting a new friend

Annie says:

What an awesome experience in Honduras so far. I met tons of new friends and planted a tree today. I am a happy gal. Shoutout to my parents and family. My mom’s probably concerned like any mom to their child’s first overseas travel. Love you mom! I survived. I did get stuck in the bathroom for a good two minutes though. It’s hilarious.

XOXO. Sleep well <3




Stephanie sharing sunscreen

Stephanie says:

Hola Hola Hola! Hope everyone at home is doing well with cold cold Wisconsin. Currently it is 90 degrees here and boy am I sweating! I am loving this experience and am so very happy. There are so many things I am enjoying about the trip. One of the my favorite things was dancing with the students. I didn’t know hips could move like that haha I need to keep practicing! Another thing about the trip that I really like is that I get to use my Spanish all the time! No one else on the trip speaks much so I constantly get to translate and communicate.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. Shoutout to my lovely parents and my brothers! Also, shoutout to my friends currently road tripping! We’ll have lots of funny stories to exchange upon my return!