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Oh the excitement! We’re all just so thrilled to get this trip underway! We’ve been chatting a lot about what to bring, what not to bring, etc. We have an “ASB Guatemala” facebook group where we’ve been able to chat with each other. Some of our facebook posts to one another this week have been hilarious and really show our excitement! Here are some samples:

Cassy: “oh my god guys… if you have the chance, go onto Google Earth and looks at the photos around where we are going. you will instantly be 10x more excited!!!!!”

Mike: “FYI I have a while bunch of ear plugs. You don’t need to purchase any yourselves.” Apparently the nights are a bit loud.

Nikki K: “I’m ready!
Nikki's Socks

Nikki R: “Tell me if this is too weird/crazy of an idea: I’m gonna wear sweatpants on the bus/plane but with shorts on underneath so when we get to Guatemala, BAM shorts! Is that weird?”



So needless to say, we’re chatty and excited. And now, as promised, our itinerary!
Saturday, March 22nd:
Depart from O’Hare International (Chicago) @ 5:15am
Layover in Houston
Arrive in Guatemala City @ 11:08am
Get acquainted with humans, area, and stuff.

Sunday, March 23rd
See the sites of Antigua
Get knowledge on coffee

Monday, March 24th
Coffee farming!

Tuesday, March 25th
Construction day (helping build local buildings of sorts, details to come)

Wednesday, March 26th
Construction in the AM
Artisan workshop in the PM

Thursday, March 27th
Possible agricultural hike or more coffee farming in the AM
Market Scavenger Hunt in the PM

Friday, March 28th
Free day!

Saturday, March 29th
We say adios to Guatemala 🙁
Leave @ 12:08pm
Arrive at O’Hare @ 8:00pm

As you could imagine, many more details will come about all of these events as we do them. I am so excited to be able to tell our story of this trip to you all. So keep checking back all next week for possible updates. I’m gonna try my hardest to keep it frequent and filled with photographs and words from other team members.

Off we go!