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Hello my fellow people,

My name is Corissa and I will be blogging about my trip to Washington, D.C. during spring break!  I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and majoring in Social Work with a minor in Social Justice with an emphasis in prejudice and discrimination.  I excited to participate in Alternative Spring Break because I enjoy to volunteering and helping people make their lives better.

This trip interested me because it focuses on people in poverty.  I might one day be working with people less fortunate in my job being a Social Worker.  I am hoping I will learn about people in poverty and it will help give me an idea about what to expect as a Social Worker.  I have volunteered at various other places throughout my life and have really enjoyed it.  I like the fact that I am giving back to the community and making a difference.

During the trip I am looking forward to touring the different sites in Washington, D.C. and getting to know other people in my group.  I am also looking forward to see the differences between my life and the less fortunate.

Until Next Time,