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Technically it’s Saturday morning as I’m typing this up since we’ve been running around the city all day. My day started off with a morning run with Chase to the Williams borough bridge. He agreed to come only if we could make a stop to the donut shop : ) he got a vanilla bean donut.

For our last day of service, we all volunteered at God’s Love We Deliver. We broke into two groups and delivered food on foot. Our first delivery was my favorite client because she got really excited when she saw all five of us delivering her meal. The client’s face lit up as she thanked all multiple times for bringing her food. I loved doing deliveries because you’re delivering food to someone who might not have had a meal otherwise. Though the conversations were due to time, in many cases, we were the only people that the client might have seen for that whole day, which was heartbreaking. Everyone was super grateful as we delivered and we got to see a real Pablo Picasso piece and Sandra Bullocks house!

The rest of the afternoon was spent riding the Staten Island Ferry to see lady liberty and walking around the city. Most of us ventured to FAO Schwarz, a famous toy store where all of our inner children were unleashed. Nicole, Tiffany and Ashley danced on the piano and we hugged and pet all the stuff animals before we ventured off to the Metropolitan museum. The Met was definitely my favorite part of the afternoon.

It’s hard to believe that it is Saturday already. We all agreed the beginning of the week dragged on but the rest raced by in a flash. While we’re looking forward to the luxury of our own beds, were not ready to return to school or the cold.

I wish I could elaborate more on our last day but its 2 a.m. And I have yet to pack my suitcase!
Until tomorrow,