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At the airport!

Friday’s post is coming soon, but for now, we are at the hot airport about to fly to Panama City.

Flying back!

We are boarding our flight to Milwaukee pretty soon and are excited to be coming home tonight.

Educated in Honduras

For an update on today… Today was our last day in Honduras, and it was a great ending to a trip such as this. Today we went to the botanical gardens and to the beach with some of the OYE scholars. We got some awesome nature pics, and some of us should have put...

Our last full day in NYC

Technically it’s Saturday morning as I’m typing this up since we’ve been running around the city all day. My day started off with a morning run with Chase to the Williams borough bridge. He agreed to come only if we could make a stop to the donut...

Our Last Day

Tonight is our last night in Washington D.C. and tomorrow we will be back in Oshkosh. So much has happened in the last week since our arrival and we have been forever impacted by what we experienced while volunteering. In addition, we have all formed so many new...